Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dancing Through The Storm

Hello Everyone:
This past weekend,the Eastern Coast received about 12 to 15 inches of snow. Some areas had 4 inches per hour to fall. My sister made me walk in the snow, so she can take pictures. As we were walking in ankle deep snow and where the visibility was fair. I started to wonder about Harriet Tubman.
Did she traveled through snow? and if so, can you imagine the temperature. What kind of clothes were the slaves worn and what type of materials make up their shoes.

I cannot image walking in that weather for 300 miles or more to Canada.

Then I realize how spoil we are. We had layers of clothes on and had gloves. Then I thought about how some of us fail to go forward in life because we cannot weather our own personal storms. What made these slaves or any other group of people who had been persecuted for their skin color, religion or their belief.

Yet, they continue to fight, not by fist or guns, by knowledge,wit and faith.
Have we lost the process of problem solving, have we lost the knowledge and wit. Perhaps we have lost all hope and faith.And when these two qualities leave us, we have nothing at all.

We can dance through any storm, when you have faith. No problem is too big for God to handle. Let Go and Let God.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Are We Always Walking with Blinders ON?

It is not what we see, but How you See It

This is the time of year, when people become more tired, lazy, depress. Perhaps, it is the weather. Or it could be the season. Everyone should be happy yet, not everyone enjoys this time of year. The are so many reasons, I will name a few, lost of a love through death, separation,divorce, lack of funds And even distance can seem so depressing. How we see things determines our peaks and valleys. Sometimes we feel the bridges in our lives are overwhelming . When in fact, it can be our thoughts. Change your thoughts.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Transformations: Give Up The Struggle": By Renee Wiggins

Resisting change can make the obstacles, the hindrances and the storms become even more unbearable. However, if we choose to view them in a different light, change can move us into a bigger, victorious and humble person. See obtacles as ripples in a pond as you move closer to your victory.
By Renee Wiggins,