Monday, November 1, 2010

Adversity Promotes Power

We have had share of ups and down in life. In fact, if you haven't experience any , then you are not living. Adversity, should be look upon as negative. Some people move full steam ahead when life throws them a curve ball. Adversity promotes strenght. Have you ever been stuck in mud?, and you had to push or steer your way out of the mud. You keptw on trying until you were on solid ground.

Then I want you to think the same way, when life throws you a curve ball. Keep pushing, keep trying and you will dig deep into your soul and find a way out of the mud.

You will surface on solid Ground.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Transformations:Give Up The Struggle

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

TransformationsGive UP The Struggle

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Pit to the Penthouse

Daneil was thrown in the lion's den because he didn't believe in Nebuchadnezzar rule. At times do you feel you have been thrown into the Pit. At work, everyone blames you for a problem, or the boss dumps everything on you. Your relationship between friends are on the fence or the relationship you thought you had with your spouse is very cold.

Daniel has faith, he believed his God will be at his side. He stuck to the truth and won. Even though the lions mouths were shut. They still didn't claw him to death.

So, the next time you feel you are in the pit, remember your faith will help you. Even your enemies will surrender to you. They may hurls harsh words at you, but they can never hurt you.

Sometimes we have to stand in the pit before we get to the Penthouse.

In the pit, we learned to stay strong and have faith that this too will Past

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Calm, Storm, Calm

Since 2001, when 911 comes, I notice how the day started with with bright skies, bright, clouds,peace and calm and it is a warm day. TWho knew?, what was going to happen when they awoke to such a beautiful day.
Three after the sun rose, a horrific crime occurred in the skies. And after it was over, there was calm, stillness. In a matter of hours, over 3000 lives were gone.

What had happen?

It was calm, then a storm hit us and calm again. Does your life feel that way. You wake up to peacefullness and then your day begins unravel, chaos, turmoil. Believe it or not there is peace. We cannot let the distractions run us off the road.

Stay focus. Do not enter the war zone. Stay focus and you will find peace.Stay focus and no-one will harm you. Give UP The Anger, the need to strike back. Stay focus.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Storms Part Two

When in you are in a storm,you begin to wonder, Why Me Lord, Why me?

No matter how turbulent or how wide the storm, God is always there.

He doesn't remove the storm, he allows the storm to happen in your behalf, so you can become a better person and call on God.

The people who were fightning against you, are now your friends. They cannot touch you nor destroy you. Didn;t he do it for Daniel.

So, the next time you in a storm, rise up and shout. NO weapon can be formed against me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Storms in my Life

We all have storms in our lives, how we look at them determines our future.If we tend to look at storms as hardships, that we can never release. Then the hardship will prevail, but if we view them in a different light,such as a passing ship in the night. This too shall past, View hardships as ships passing in the night. They eventually move on. Storms run out of fuel. Don't give fuel to the fire.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Non-traditional Book Tour

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Storms in My Life

The Storms in my Life
I find myself in the midst of storms,

wild,turbulent and unpredictable,

At times, I am in for the long haul.

and, at other times,

The storms seem to last only for a moment.

Whether I am in one storm,

coming out of a storm,

or going into a storm,

I remember, it is not the storms that count, but how

I come out in the end.

My mother used to say," this too shall past" The storms in our lives do not last long. They eventually run out of fuel. It is our minds that hold onto the storms.We have to learn how to see the storms through a different lens. See the storms as moving out the old and bringing in the new.

"From the book: Transformations:Give Up The Struggle

Friday, June 11, 2010

Transformations:Give Up The Struggle/virtual Book Tour

Transformations:Give Up The Struggle-By Renee Wiggins

Social Media Tour

Transformations: Give UP The Struggle is a collection of affirmations that will inspire, encourage,motivate and uplift one soul. I wrote the book in response to situations that I and others were going through and in recognition of the fact that many of our struggles wwere due to our resistance to change. I want to let people know that just as a caterpillar grows wings and transforms into a butterfly, we, too, must also be open to a similar evolutionary process in our lives.

Let's begin to change our thoughts.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Let The Change Begin

Let go of past hurts
and let Go in. Only He can help
you change. He has a plan for you. On his own time.
not yours. God doesn't like being hursh.

He is waiting for you to get rid of the old beliefs and habits.

After all, you cannot let him enter if you are holding
on to old habits.
Ride the storms and see how high you will soar above

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Past

A minute, an hour, a day
is a missed opportunity
When we are busy focusing on the past.

Move forward.

When we are busy focusing on what used to be,what we did in the past can paralyze in the very present, that we cannot move into the future.

Yes, we can learn from the past, but, we don't have to remain there. Let's move away and break the chains that are holding us back.

Let's move forward.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Yourself

Hello Everyone

Technology has brought us closer together yet at the same time we are not close.We are busy trying to make people like us and trying to fit into their lifestyle.
Too many people are trying to be like someone else. They want to be a famous althete or model, or movie star.

Yet,true happiness begin within yourself. Being happy with who and what you are. Trying to fit in with others can be stressful. Just be yourself. Love yourself. If you don't love yourself, who is going to love and respect you.
1. Learn who your are but dont' experiment with drugs.
2. Evaluation yourself, Don't evaulateor compare yourself with others.
3. Look deep inside yourself, spiritually and mentally.
4. Volunteer, helping others is rewarding and it helps you find out who you really are.
Be yourself.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out", By Robert Collier.

Success come to those persons who don't mind failing after failing after failing, They didn't allow for distractions,such as, anyone or anything to stop them from reaching their goal. They are on fire to reach for the possible even when others say, it was impossible. They knew it was achieveable, they didn't know when or where it was going to happen,but they knew it was going to happen.

So, I say to you keep pushing, keep praying, keep moving towards your dream.

Success comes to those person who vigourously work, each and everyday to make their dream come true

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

See Beyond Your Window

Your life can expand or shrink depending how you see it.
Choose to see beyond your window.

I wonder why some of us quit so early. Give up and give in too quickly without even trying. Is it because they feel they cannot handle this world or their problems are too big to overcome.

When you focus on your problems, then the problems consume you that you cannot see beyond your window. No problem is too big when you leave it up to God. He has won the battle, all you have to do is show up. Do not let distractions keep you from your goals.

The Stuggle in our lives:
1. makes us stronger and wiser.
2. become our ministry to minister to others, so they will not be consume.

Give Up The Struggle

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Step Back is a Set up To Go Forwad -Slow Down

Hello Everyone:

It has been a while since I posted a message. My computer was down. I was going crazy. It was hard for me to keep in touch with everyone. Snail mail is not the way to go especially when your mail is lost or return damage. Well, the message is to slow down. And I listen, I focus on gather information for my next book, exericise more, laugh more and I went to bed early. I felt renewed, rejuvenated and energize.

Our minds are constantly being bombared with information. We have to step back in order to go forward. Rest, relaxation and releasing the negative energy allows for more creative and less anger. So, the next time your computer is down. Don't fret, get a good book to read, or write your own.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Change can Occur

When you have a

Winning attitude that

Makes room for growth.
(from the book: Transformations: Give Up The Struggle)

Have you ever notice when there is a new resolution or program or job at the office,how some people sabotage the new plan. They make it difficult for the others who want to move forward. They don't realize how much energy they use to be against the plan. Less energy is used when everyone is working towards a common goal.

Being paralyze in the past prevents you to move in the present which means you cannot see into the future. Change is not a negative thing, only the attitude.
Change the attitude.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It is Okay to fail, But I am never a failure

By His Grace, My Journey Was Revealed: Affirmation of a Soul in Recovery
By.Valecia A. Baldwin-Johnson (thanks for allowing me to paraphasing your affirmation)

As an infant we tried to stand up but only to fall back down, however we kept trying until we stood for those first few moments. Never once, thinking we couldn't do it , never thinking we have failed.
As an adult we become afraid of the risk, afraid of the unknown. What happen to our curiosity, our eagerness to explore. Have we become too comfortable in our past that we become frozen and cannot move into the future. Or we think that failing that new endeavor, new project is the ultimate disgrace. No, we must break down those barriers and move forward. It is from our failures that we become winners.
Winners don't accept failures. we thrive from them.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Road Map

Hello Friends

If we look at the roads we have taken in our live.
We will see that some were good, some were bad.
Some were easy and some were uneventful
Some were hard and rocky.
Others were hilly and hard to climb.
Some roads lead to hills, which the road crumble beneath our feet and we fell down.
And others, we walked along slowy and quietly admiring each twist and turn.
While most we could not understand why we took that road....
Whether the road is good or bad, each has a prupose in our lives.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year -2010

Hello Everyone

This year let's give up the struggle to losing weight, lowering our debts,and shopping as there is no tomorrow. When we struggle or resist more, the more we lose the battle because we become more focus on winning and not the steps to achieve the goals.

To win the battle of the bugle, the battle of staying out of debt, and the battle of staying out of stores :start one day at a time.

Set realistic goals that are acheivable.
Enlist a friend who will hold you accountable for your actions.
Write down your goals and visit them each week compared to each day.
Focus on what you can change and call on the experts:lifstyle coaches, financial counselors,personal trainerss or nutritionist to help you change the things you cannot do alone.

Give Up The Struggle: not the battle.You can win.

Happy New Year. 2010