Saturday, February 20, 2010


Change can Occur

When you have a

Winning attitude that

Makes room for growth.
(from the book: Transformations: Give Up The Struggle)

Have you ever notice when there is a new resolution or program or job at the office,how some people sabotage the new plan. They make it difficult for the others who want to move forward. They don't realize how much energy they use to be against the plan. Less energy is used when everyone is working towards a common goal.

Being paralyze in the past prevents you to move in the present which means you cannot see into the future. Change is not a negative thing, only the attitude.
Change the attitude.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It is Okay to fail, But I am never a failure

By His Grace, My Journey Was Revealed: Affirmation of a Soul in Recovery
By.Valecia A. Baldwin-Johnson (thanks for allowing me to paraphasing your affirmation)

As an infant we tried to stand up but only to fall back down, however we kept trying until we stood for those first few moments. Never once, thinking we couldn't do it , never thinking we have failed.
As an adult we become afraid of the risk, afraid of the unknown. What happen to our curiosity, our eagerness to explore. Have we become too comfortable in our past that we become frozen and cannot move into the future. Or we think that failing that new endeavor, new project is the ultimate disgrace. No, we must break down those barriers and move forward. It is from our failures that we become winners.
Winners don't accept failures. we thrive from them.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Road Map

Hello Friends

If we look at the roads we have taken in our live.
We will see that some were good, some were bad.
Some were easy and some were uneventful
Some were hard and rocky.
Others were hilly and hard to climb.
Some roads lead to hills, which the road crumble beneath our feet and we fell down.
And others, we walked along slowy and quietly admiring each twist and turn.
While most we could not understand why we took that road....
Whether the road is good or bad, each has a prupose in our lives.