Monday, February 8, 2010

It is Okay to fail, But I am never a failure

By His Grace, My Journey Was Revealed: Affirmation of a Soul in Recovery
By.Valecia A. Baldwin-Johnson (thanks for allowing me to paraphasing your affirmation)

As an infant we tried to stand up but only to fall back down, however we kept trying until we stood for those first few moments. Never once, thinking we couldn't do it , never thinking we have failed.
As an adult we become afraid of the risk, afraid of the unknown. What happen to our curiosity, our eagerness to explore. Have we become too comfortable in our past that we become frozen and cannot move into the future. Or we think that failing that new endeavor, new project is the ultimate disgrace. No, we must break down those barriers and move forward. It is from our failures that we become winners.
Winners don't accept failures. we thrive from them.

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