Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Calm, Storm, Calm

Since 2001, when 911 comes, I notice how the day started with with bright skies, bright, clouds,peace and calm and it is a warm day. TWho knew?, what was going to happen when they awoke to such a beautiful day.
Three after the sun rose, a horrific crime occurred in the skies. And after it was over, there was calm, stillness. In a matter of hours, over 3000 lives were gone.

What had happen?

It was calm, then a storm hit us and calm again. Does your life feel that way. You wake up to peacefullness and then your day begins unravel, chaos, turmoil. Believe it or not there is peace. We cannot let the distractions run us off the road.

Stay focus. Do not enter the war zone. Stay focus and you will find peace.Stay focus and no-one will harm you. Give UP The Anger, the need to strike back. Stay focus.

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